Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glitter Ornaments

I'm finally catching up the ornaments for all the new members in the family.  I used the cricut gypsy font. 

American Horror Story: Coven

I would like to give her credit but didn't ask if she was ok with me posting her name online.   I got this image from a facebook group I'm in.  I'm not exactly sure how she got it so great.  I know she used a few programs and her silhouette.  I shrunk it a little and put it on my Nook cover.  I love it!  Now I gotta make my Mom one too!  I would like to learn more about how to do this stuff.  It's awesome!

Captain America Finger Puppet

Here's another finger puppet I got from OFNAH's store on etsy.

Dr. Seuss Keepsake Blocks

I got this tutorial from Paper Phenomenon and it took me FOREVER to do it.  Mainly because I did both sets at the same time and I'm lazy and have a short attention span so I would work on it a bit and then not touch it again for months and do other projects.  I love the outcome though.  It's not hard to do but you get burned out if you try to do 2 at the same time.  I still want to make little stuffed Cat in the hat and Things 1&2 to go on the tops.  I haven't found the right pattern yet so for now the are "finished".  I added the larger drawer to the set.  Inside each block is 2 books that open and each book has 2 mini albums inside.  I placed pictures of Charlotte and Ruby's first year in the books.  I think it's actually supposed to be set up that each album with hold each month of pictures for the first year but my pictures didn't work out like that.  I will put their blanket and outfit they wore home from the hospital and such in the drawers. 


I got this file from OFNAH's store on etsy and sewed it on my embroidery machine.  It's all done "in the hoop". 

TMNT Ornament

I made this svg file and cut it with vinyl.  I only had oracal 631 and I should have done it with 651.  I will be ordering some 651 and making a whole set soon.  This is my test.  I think it turned out ok.  I used acrylic paint inside the glass ornament.  I watered it down slightly and just swished it around until it was covered.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ball Pit Fun!

Well this was our big Christmas project.  I saw this here http://www.cupofautism.blogspot.com/2013/09/this-weekend-has-been-blast-we-made.html   It was pretty easy to make.  I sewed the cargo net (from Joann's fabric) and my husband cut the pvc and assembled it.  We plan on getting slides for entrances and exits.  Note that the pit is a little bigger than 4ftx4ft because of the connectors.  Ours is like 53inchesx53inches and about 27 inches tall.  Not sure how long the cargo net will hold but the entire family, including the dogs can fit in this thing!  The girls LOVE it!  It's only half full with about 2500 balls now but poor Ruby is neck deep so as of now we can't add anymore until she grows.


I used McCall's pattern #2991 to make our stockings this year.  I think the embroidery font is called penguin but I'm not sure where I got it from.  They are a bit small but I like how they turned out.  I also stole the curtain rod hanging idea from Pinterest.

Dr Seuss Dress

Poor Ruby got the leftovers from Charlotte's Dr. Seuss party.  The only thing we did different was her outfit.  I made her this cute dress.  Sorry I have no idea where the pattern came from.  I took ribbon and made bows for the shoulders and then took the rest on the roll and gathered it and then attached it to the bottom of the dress.  I got the embroidery image from etsy and added her name with the Dr Seuss font.

Sesame Street Curtains

I started working on decorating the playroom.  It's going to be Sesame Street!   I found this fabric at Walmart and made some curtains.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Project Life

I have no pictures to post.  I don't think my Project Life is fancy enough to post pictures yet.  Maybe next year when I get a little more involved.  I'm still a big layout scrapper but I wanted something for my cell phone pictures.  You know, those pictures you like but they may not be the best quality.  So far I have enjoyed how quickly I can get sections done but it will never replace my regular scrapbooking.  If you've not looked into Project Life, it's worth it.

Santasaurus Rex

I saw this super cute design on http://sewgrammie.com/  it's called Santasaurus Rex.  She's got some pretty cute stuff and since my Charlotte LOVES dinosaurs I just had to get it!

Ninja Turtle Birthday!

Here is a Ninja Turtle shirt I made for a friend's little boy.  I hope he has a Happy Birthday!

Peasant Dresses

Here's a couple more peasant dresses.  I just love the Halloween fabric with the creepy kids on it.

Couch slip covers

My sweet little puppy Piper, has chewed all the back pillows on my couch.  Let's just say it's a good thing she's cute...That's about all she's got going for her lately.  Hopefully she grows out of this chewing phase quickly.  So even though she didn't chew the seats, with little ones I figured I might as well make slip covers.  I quilted fitted slipcovers from sheets I bought at walmart.  I just trimmed them to the shape of the pillows and ran elastic around it.  I made pillows for the back and quilted shams and added Velcro on the back.  That way I can remove everything and wash it when a kid spills something on it.  It's not pretty, but it will do until everybody in my house grows up a little and I buy a new couch.

In the hoop finger puppets

I found these finger puppet patterns on ETSY from the store OFNAH.  You should check her out, she has some pretty cool stuff.  These are the ones I've gotten done so far (Ninja Turtles, Disney Princess Mickey, Sesame Street, Monsters Inc. and some superheroes)  Check out my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/croptasticcrafts  I am selling some items there.

Superhero burp cloths

I embroidered Lucas on wash cloths and covered the back with flannel.  I am pretty proud of the embroidery.  This is the first image I designed myself!

Lucas is here!

Well, I've been a little busy.  I've been crafting just not posting.  It's hard to make it to the computer to post things these days.  We welcomed baby Lucas on 10/30/13!  He is Charlotte and Ruby's half brother.  We now have 4 kids, 3 that are under the age of two!  So it may be a little harder for me to post things frequently, lol.  Hopefully I can stay caught up.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Skeleton Candy Jar

A friend told me about this site, www.misskatecuttables.com and I just love her stuff!  I've been looking for skeletons for awhile and haven't found any I like until these guys.  I welded and flipped him to make them go around the jar.  I cut them in white vinyl.

Broom Holder

I got this cute little cut from www.misskatecuttables.com.  I love her cuts and they are CHEAP!  So I cut this in vinyl and plan to stick brooms in it and put it inside the front door.  I think it will be a nice addition to my other "witch theme" items.

Santa Canvas

I got this cut from www.misskatecuttables.com. I thought this Santa was really cute.  It's hard to find a cute Santa but she has quite a few.  I flipped a canvas to use the inside.  I cut the window by hand with an exacto knife. 



Stocking Ornament

I got this cut from www.misskatecuttable.com.  I just doubled the stocking for the back and flipped it.  I then sewed it together to make the holder for the gift card.  I added a tie as a surprise for Kayla to find on the tree for Christmas morning.


The font is just a random font on scal.  The candy canes and owls came from www.misskatecuttables.com.  The wood is cut at a 7, 6, 5, and a 2 inch for the words in the middle from a 2x4. The owls and candy canes are 2x6 cut at a 6 inch.  I like that it is one project but reversible and you can display for two holidays but only have to store one item.  The candy canes are vinyl but the owls are paper and I mod podged them on.




Halloween Place Mats

I made these place mats with the Trick or Treators and Three Good Little Witches files from www.myscrapchick.com.  I just love these little guys.  I cut them with my Silhouette and ironed heat n bond to the back.  Make sure you get the RED package not the purple.  The purple is not super sticky and needs to be sewn.  Also, I bought mine at Walmart and from my experience, buy it in the roll, not the pkg.  The pkg will have creases in it from being folded and I didn't like that.  It was a much cleaner cut with the roll.  So here's what to do:
1. Iron the heat n bond on the back of your fabric you choose to cut.  Some people choose to cut it a bit smaller and the cut fabric down so when you iron you don't take the chance on it oozing out onto your iron.  So if you wanted 12x12, cut the heat n bond at 12x12 and fabric at 13x13, then iron on and trim.  I'm lazy and have iron cleaner so I skipped that step.
2. Cut just as you would a piece of paper but make sure you use a NEW blade.  One rule I do follow is you don't cut fabric with paper scissors and you don't cut paper with fabric scissors.  Same goes for your blades on you cutting machine, if you want a nice cut.  Also, if you don't cut the fabric right away, hit it with the iron before you do, it seems to make a cleaner cut.  Remember NO STEAM.
3. Iron onto project on medium heat.  If your heat is too high it will leak the glue through the fabric.
Hope that helps anyone that makes this type of project.  It was SUPER easy.