Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Place Mats

I made these place mats with the Trick or Treators and Three Good Little Witches files from www.myscrapchick.com.  I just love these little guys.  I cut them with my Silhouette and ironed heat n bond to the back.  Make sure you get the RED package not the purple.  The purple is not super sticky and needs to be sewn.  Also, I bought mine at Walmart and from my experience, buy it in the roll, not the pkg.  The pkg will have creases in it from being folded and I didn't like that.  It was a much cleaner cut with the roll.  So here's what to do:
1. Iron the heat n bond on the back of your fabric you choose to cut.  Some people choose to cut it a bit smaller and the cut fabric down so when you iron you don't take the chance on it oozing out onto your iron.  So if you wanted 12x12, cut the heat n bond at 12x12 and fabric at 13x13, then iron on and trim.  I'm lazy and have iron cleaner so I skipped that step.
2. Cut just as you would a piece of paper but make sure you use a NEW blade.  One rule I do follow is you don't cut fabric with paper scissors and you don't cut paper with fabric scissors.  Same goes for your blades on you cutting machine, if you want a nice cut.  Also, if you don't cut the fabric right away, hit it with the iron before you do, it seems to make a cleaner cut.  Remember NO STEAM.
3. Iron onto project on medium heat.  If your heat is too high it will leak the glue through the fabric.
Hope that helps anyone that makes this type of project.  It was SUPER easy. 

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