Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kayla's pet shop play set

I made this to enter in the cricut magazine contest.  You had to use the new pop up neighborhood cart.  I used pop up neighborhood (pet shop, tree, fence, grass, sun and clouds), paper pups (dogs, food, house bowls, bone), cuttin' up font, april showers (cages), better together imagine for little girl and dog in window, paper print on the shop and dog house, best friends imagine for the cloud paper.  I used chipboard and duct tape to assemble the base.  I also glued magnet sheets to the board and cut all the play set items out in magnet.  I'm sure when my daughter plays with it she will ask for more items for the dogs to play with.  I hope she likes the idea that the dogs are in the cages in the pet shop and you can take them out to let them play in the yard.  I made the straps out of duct tape also so she could carry it like a purse.  I flocked both of the dogs so they would be fuzzy.

I made this piece to go inside to help it stand up.  I glued it on one side and put magnets on the other so you could pop it closed.

After recently losing our precious 14 yr old Cocker Spaniel, Ebby to lymphoma, I hope this set gives Kayla something to remember her by.  I hope she thinks of all the happy times we spent with her and not about her being sick.  Our home is not the same without our sweet girl.