Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair Bows!

As a resolution this year, I decided to do something with my "collection" of ribbon.  I "do" many different crafts that ribbon can be used in, from sewing to scrap booking and bow making.  I use the term "do" lightly because I mostly "buy" and "hoard" my craft supplies.  In an attempt to lighten my ribbon, I made a butt load of hair bows my kids and nieces will probably rarely wear.  So the ribbon has gone from my craft room to the kid's rooms to sit and rot.  At least I'm not tripping over it in the craft room anymore!  Here is a pic of the 135 bows I made in a little over a week.  At least I can say I actually did one of my resolutions!  If you are looking for easy directions on how to make hair bows, this is a great site