Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher's Gift Card

Today you were supposed to give your teacher supplies.  We decided to give them money so they could purchase the things they need instead of bringing something they don't want.  I used the playtime cart on my imagine with the rgb codes to make the little girl look like she does on the cart.  I also used peachy keen PK-640 Princess face assortment for her face.  If you notice, I couldn't figure out how to hide the eyes so they wouldn't cut out.  I couldn't get my gypsy to work with my imagine either!  It kept asking me to plug in my gypsy and it was not reading it!  So I designed it on the gypsy and had to start all over and make it on the imagine screen.  I am gonna try to update the imagine again and see if that helps.  Every time I have updated it I've had problems with it saying I'm not plugged in to the computer.  So now I'm a little worried something may be wrong with it.  When I have time, I will have to dig around on the message boards and see if I can fix it.  I would be heartbroken if something is wrong.

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