Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodbye bestfriend

I've been crafting but have been dreading posting anything on the blog because I didn't want to make this post.  We lost our sweet girl Maggie on April 4th.  She was 15.  It's absolutely heartbreaking to change my profile and remove her name and change our family picture.  (and yes, I've lost 115 lbs since the last profile picture, that is me in the middle).  Phoebe stayed with her sick friend the entire time.  We will miss our Maggie dearly.

I then in made the irrational decision to get another dog right away.  I knew it wouldn't take away the pain of losing Maggie but it helps keep me busy enough I couldn't sit and cry all day.  And Phoebe was spending a lot of time under the kitchen table the first few days she was alone.  So I purchased a cockapoo from www.kingdomdogs.com .  We named her Piper.  Charlotte called her puppy the first day so we thought Piper would maybe be easier for her to say.  She's a cutie but a handful.

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