Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Kitty Cozy Coupe

I didn't take any pics of the process but take my word for it, these were grungy, used and disgusting cozy coupes.  I bought these off of craigslist over the summer and yes, I waited until 2 days before Christmas to start painting them.  That smart idea left me out in the dark and into the freezing cold all day on Christmas eve but I got them done!  I think less procrastination should be a New Year's resolution.  So this is how the girls found them Christmas morning.  I may have gotten a little excited and went overboard. (Remember, Ruby is only 2 weeks old at this point, lol.)   When Charlotte saw her car she got so excited and she crawled over, opened the door and climbed in.  We had to move the cars to another room to get her to open gifts!  The process was super easy!  Although, it was a real you know what to get the wheels back on the big one.  I just turned a Hello Kitty pic I found on google into an svg and used the curly font I downloaded from one of those free font sites into scal.  I love that font, I've don't some embroidering with it too.  I cut it all out of vinyl.  I did use a plastic primer before I painted the cars because the pink I used was not the kind made for plastic unless you primed. 

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