Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Design Team Entry

I finished my entry to become a member on the SSD Design Team.  Hopefully I make it!  I must say, I really didn't love everything in our bag when I started but we had to use a little bit of everything given.  I thought before I started that it would be a major challenge.  I am surprised at how pleased I am with the project.  If I get it back, I will add something to the front (prolly "MY Sweet Pea") and put cute spring pics of baby C in it)  My least favorite paper (the tan damask) is now my favorite!  I bought 4 or 5 extra sheets of brown to create the book.  I also added Tim Holtz vintage photo and shabby shutters inks and a couple of brads.  The base pages of the book are my design.  They all have pockets on every page including a hidden page on the cover (pull the canvas).  I think if I make it on the team it will help me open up to use things/colors I don't normally work with, which I really need to open up more!


I made this backpack from a tutorial (I modified it and made it larger.) on www.paperphenomenon.blogspot.com.  I packed it full and managed to fit K-5th (and will fit through 6th) in one book! 

Halloween Basket

Here is another basket I made using the basket pattern from www.paperphenomenon.blogspot.com  The book of spells is made from 2 mini canvas' hinged together.  The bottles are Tim Holtz filled with glitter.